At Rhizome Media, we transform ideas, stories, and passions into compelling digital content. Whether it's through evocative photography or moving pictures, we strive to bring imagination and style to everything we do.  



Media production is a collaboration between many creative and visionary minds. When it comes to working with our clients, the Rhizome approach is pretty simple:

1. Establish a strong and authentic connection to our clients' personal vision and goals
2. Create a clear project map inspired by our clients' vision
3. Let the good and magical things come

By upholding the integrity of our clients’ message, we uphold our own. End of story.



At the core of the Rhizome mission is the desire to create projects that contribute positively to the cultural landscape by celebrating the diversity and beauty of life.  We get especially excited when working with clients who share our values and are always seeking out collaborations with the lovely and likeminded.



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Leslie has been exploring life through the lens for over a decade. Several years of experience working with artistic, non-profit and small business organizations have fostered Leslie's passion for collaborative work. Her practice as a digital media artist, working with both photography and video, has honed her skills as a visual storyteller. Experienced with transforming conceptual ideas into dynamic and engaging visual content, she is committed to growing her clients’ seeds of ideas into sustenance.